Dr. Praveen consults at multiple locations in the city. So, you can get a consultation at a center that is convenient and closer to you.

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What happens in first consultation?

  • Detailed history of patient’s complaints is taken
  • Thorough examination of the patient is conducted
  • Note is made of all the relevant findings
  • If any investigations are preformed prior to the visit (e.g. blood tests, CT/MRI scans), those are reviewed.
  • A treatment plan is made based on all of the above.
  • Further tests may be advised before a final plan is made.
  • Whenever necessary, medications are prescribed to alleviate the symptoms.

What happens in subsequent visits?

  • If further tests were advised, they will be reviewed
  • Final plan of treatment is decided.
  • Necessary advice and guidance is provided

Online consultations

  • Please call 9372392003 for online consultations
  • Online consultation will be arranged on the most convenient platform e.g. whatsapp, zoom, OMIC
  • It’s necessary to share the results of relevant investigations performed with us before the online consultation. This will help in decision making and optimum time utilization.
  • In spite of online consultation,It may be necessary to have a physical consultation before treatment begins.

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