Specialty Surgical Oncology

Specialty Surgical Oncology

Specialty Surgical Oncology is, exactly as the name suggests, a group of specialist cancer surgeons with vast experience in highly focused areas of cancer surgery, who have joined together to provide the best of their collective expertise to patients battling this difficult disease.

As the science of cancer treatment has taken a quantum leap in the last few decades, the precision and sophistication of cancer surgery too has evolved and diseases which were once considered inoperable or untreatable are now considered routine procedure with excellent outcome. Such level and quality of care has been possible only due to the dedicated efforts of doctors and surgeons who concentrated their efforts and developed their skill in treating specific cancers and diseases of specific organs. 

As the complexity of cancer treatment evolved, it soon became evident that it is impossible for a single doctor to treat all cancers. This was a necessity identified first at some of the top cancer centres in the world. Soon it became very clear that outcomes of treatment were much better when doctors focused their efforts in treating specific cancers and diseases of specific organs. This paved the path for disease and organ specific cancer speciality care; a trend that has revolutionised cancer treatment all over the globe.

At specialty Surgical Oncology, this is exactly what we endeavour to deliver to our patients. This is aptly summarised in our motto “Precise and Personalised Surgical Care”. With this goal in mind, Specialty Surgical Oncology was conceived, comprising of specialist cancer surgeons with vast experience in focused fields of cancer surgery. That way, we are able to offer the best that is possible to our patients. So, whatever tumor ails you, we will have the optimal solution for you.

Cancer is not a single disease. It’s a generic name for a vast group of different diseases with diverse behaviour and varied prognosis., with the only fact connecting them is their ability to grow uncontrollably and spread in the body, posing a threat to the life of the patient. Even in patients suffering from the same cancer, the treatment plan can be very different. A lot of variables have to be taken into account for planning cancer treatment e.g. site, type, size, grade and stage of disease, age of patient, location of the disease, general condition of the patient, other co-morbidities, etc. It therefore, goes without saying that the only way to treat cancer is with precise and personalised care. Besides the obvious benefit of having specialist cancer surgeons to deal with specific cancers, the bigger advantage with us is that we are able to pool in our expertise where the expertise of more than one specialist is needed.

Our common goal, with this collaboration, is to provide comprehensive care for each type of cancer. Comprehensive care means a more holistic approach that focuses on the entire well-being of the patient. Such an approach goes beyond the routinely accepted treatment modalities of chemotherapy, surgery and radiotherapy. Aspects of counselling, nutrition, exercise, emotional and mental well being, preoperative and post operative rehabilitation, logistical and moral support are all important part of treatment. Hence our team also consists of dedicated nutritionist, physiotherapist, clinical coordinators, research assistants etc. We collaborate with medical oncologists and radiation oncologists to achieve our goal.

One of our other very important goals is to provide timely care to patients. Cancer work-up can be time consuming, stressful and confusing. We aim to help you go through this process in the shortest possible time, while giving you clear information and insight into the various steps needed, thus helping you cope with the uncertainty.

You can read more about specialty surgical oncology on www.specialtysurgicaloncology.com

The website also has excellent resource center for patient education. The research section and case studies show case our achievement as a team!!

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